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SQL accounting software Malaysia is designed to help businesses of all sizes to streamline their accounting processes. This software leverages a range of tools such as multi-dimensional reporting and cutting-edge EIS tools to make accounting easier, faster, and accurate.  SQL accounting system Malaysia boasts many innovative features that help businesses to harmonize their operations and increase their bottom line.

Features of SQL Accounting Software Malaysia

  • Five core modules

SQL Accounting Software comes with five modules which include GL module (tracking the performance of a business), customer’s module (deals with reports related to customer balance, statement, among others), stock module (handles inventory management), supplier module (keeps supply chain in check), sale and purchase module (takes care of everything related to sales and purchases).

  • Robust client-server architecture

This feature ensures scalable deployment and increases system performance. With this feature, users can generate business reports and keep maintenance costs low.

  • Open period solution

SQL Accounting Software utilizes an open period solution to enhance data collection, analysis, and storage. This allows users to make informed business decisions based on real-time data. The modules are seamlessly integrated to support real-time posting.

  • DIY accounting capabilities

SQL Accounting System comes with a DIY script module that allows users to create new forms that align with individual needs. Users can create custom reports with the use of a drag and drop feature.

Advantages of SQL accounting system Malaysia

  • Users can access their accounts and manage their businesses anytime, anywhere
  • SQL accounting system is easy to use for just about anyone, even those without much accounting knowledge.
  • It offers advanced security locks to keep business data safe and secure
  • Supports intelligence reporting to help businesses keep track of various aspects.
  • Users can remote access to their private cloud-server.
  • No yearly renewal fees
  • Streamlines cash flow management

Generally, SQL Accounting Software comes with many benefits that help businesses to improve their operations, save time, and increase productivity. Even though SQL accounting system does serve its purpose, it comes with a few disadvantages.

  • Technical issues can lower its effectiveness at times
  • May require purchasing additional software, which adds to the expenses
  • Database engine is Firebird SQL instead of Microsoft SQL, ranking of Firebird SQL is #31 vs Microsoft SQL #3 (

Bottom line

It’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of accounting software when making a choice.

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